luni, 4 februarie 2013

How to download from fileice without survey

Fileice Downloader v1.1 by Jah :
Bypasses surveys and downloads files.
All the instructions to use the downloader is given in the video
The great thing about the downloader is that it can also be used to download other direct linked downloads at very high speed.So basically you have a Fileice Downloade and a Download Manager !!
                                     Full video demonstration of using the software
How to using this downloader ?
Is very simple
First step : Open downloader
Next step : Insert your fileice link download
Next and last step is : Press Download button , after verify your browser (Downloads category)

For download this software press bellow Download button

ZippyShare Link

          The first 500 people who download this version will receive the following free version.

                                 Next version is announced to be released in mid-May